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Painting for the joy of it

About Christine Gupta
as artist
I'm a self-taught artist living in Edinburgh who took up painting in 2014, having given it up at school in response to a consistently negative art teacher. How I'd love her to know that my work now hangs in private collections all round the world!

My favourite subjects are sea and sky and anything with a face. I work in acrylic using brushes and sometimes palette knives and I'm still exploring different styles, so you may be surprised at the wide range of styles in my portfolio.

When I took up painting again in 2014 my initial goal was to see if I could achieve a good likeness. That is still my objective when approaching commissions, as most of them are celebrations of people, pets or special places and it's critical that they are clearly recognisable.

When painting for myself I've recently taken a looser approach with my 'Faces' series, having fun with colour and texture. Painting brings joy to my life every day.

You can see my work at the Pittenweem Arts Festival in August 2019 at the West End Bar venue (great location with a beer garden and crab shack!) and I do an annual pop-up show in Edinburgh in November, so come back for details nearer the time or just get in touch for a private viewing.